NPO 法人Touch the heart japan

NPO Touch the Heart Japan


1. Vision
To support the younger generations, who are the future of Japan, by giving them an environment which helps them to have a healthy identity and hope for their future.

2. Our Actions: Past, Present and Future
Through doing live street performances and building friendships, we have spent time with many young people. On the surface, it looks like they are living a comfortable life. Yet in reality, some are unable to stop self-harming.
For some, their grades are good, but they feel crushed under the pressure to succeed. For some, because of their parents’ divorce, affair, or suicide, their view of life has been destroyed.

Young people are looking for a place where they can show their true selves and be accepted. We have been standing beside these young people and encouraging them so they can receive love and truth. Through that, many of them have recovered their identity. They were able to forgive their parents and friends. We have been supporting them and encouraging them so they can live true to themselves, love people, and walk strongly through life. Many young people have been transformed.

We continually meet with students and support them so they can experience their lives change in their school environment.

3. Specific Activities
Supporting orphanages
Supporting disabled people
Supporting sufferers from seismic disasters
Supporting orphans in Africa and the Philippines
Cultural exchange with international teams
Lectures addressing the needs of young people
Music bands, camping, outdoor activities
Protecting children who have experienced abuse

1. Donation by bank transfer
Bank: Mistubisi Tokyou UFJ bank
Branch: Kamimaezu
Account number: regular account 0138613
Account holder: Touch the Heart Japan

2. Register as a Volunteer
If you would like to register as a volunteer, please use this QR code or visit the front desk.

3. Register as a Member
If you would like to sign up for a membership, the annual fee is 12,000 yen.